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February 13th, 2012, 16:02
Strategy Informer has the first full Jagged Alliance: BiA review that we've tracked, with a score of 7/10:
The underlying fact though is that Jagged Alliance: Back In Action is a hugely addictive and time-gobbling strategy game, if not currently a completely polished one. When things go right the adrenaline rush is incredible, but when things go wrong several times in a row youíll want to rage-uninstall immediately. Constant checkpoint reloading and team micro-management is what Back In Actionís all about, and some strategy fans wonít get on with that. Conversely, Jagged Alliance fans will hate the move to real-time (despite the friendly Command Mode) and more especially the lack of tension and slow pace that characterized previous games. I also canít imagine anyone being satisfied with constantly taking down enemies so devoid of personality or believability.
More information.
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