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February 13th, 2012, 21:52
I think I have a bug O.o My MM skill is 5/5 and only 1 point in Destruction and it shows me that I make 43dmg/missile. However when I cast the spell I make 83dmg/missile so that's 249dmg/second.

edit: Actually DeepO is right. I just made a test with and without a bow that gives me +20 magic dmg.

edit nr 2: Ok so I am experiencing a strange bug. I have 5/5 + 2 MM and 4/5 destruction. In my MM description it says I make 43 dmg / missile but in reality I mage around 141. The graphical bug was confusing me >.>

Anyway, MM rules. I can spam the spell like crazy and make good dmg. Firewall is epic too, though monsters rarely get near me.
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