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February 14th, 2012, 04:17
I didn't like DD all that much. It reminded me a lot of Diablo, which I've never been able to enjoy. I liked DKS much more.
In general you want the player to “think” he’s smart while always making sure that whatever he tries, he’ll stumble into it.
I really love it when a game pulls this off. Deus Ex did this very well and Human Revolution seems to be doing a fine job, too, except for the boss fights. When the player has to hit GameFaqs to progress, it means this didn't happen.

Hehe, the weak points are long and detailed. The strong points are short. Developers need to focus on what's broken and fix it while salesmen need to focus on what works and play it up. I think Lar has a lot more developer blood in him than salesman blood - at least when this email was written.

P.S. The first two paragraphs in the quote are the same! Ironic for a game named Divine Divinity.
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