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February 15th, 2012, 14:45
… the final day in London. Tomorrow pibbur's going home, and this thread goes back to hibernation

1113: The rise of the Hospitalers

1637: The rise of Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand. He stayed in business untill his death, which was quite common for roman empereors (especially the unholy ones). What was uncommon (especially 1600 years earlier) was of course him staying in business for 20 years. No years of 3 or 6 emperors during his rule. He was quite a bussy man at the same time being King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria, complying with the safe and sound tradition of business people serving on several boards. What's good for Rome is good for Hungary is good for Croation is good for Bohemia and at least partially good for Austria.

1804: The rise of the Serbian revolution. Leading to (?)
1835: The Rise of the Serbiabn constitution (at least it rhymes).
1906: The rise of Labour.
1946: The rise of Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
1965: The rise of the maple.
1989: The fall of (Soviet implementation of) Afghanistan
1995: The fall of Kevin Mitnick
2005: The rise of Youtube

13 900 000 googles for bribes

pibbur says so long and thanks for all the fish as the thread ends once more
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