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February 15th, 2012, 21:19
I usually put items in the chest that I get from the Shroud runs I do. Those items are often too good to just sell for PP's because I know people would look for them at the auction house.

So if you see anything in the chest you can use then you're free to take it and wear it on a toon.

What you should probably not do is to take items from the chest to SELL, unless the item has been there for weeks without anyone taking it. Many toons have quite a bit of PP's so it's better to just give you PP's if you need some to buy an important item or whatever.

The same with essences, materials etc. Don't sell those. Let people who craft get them to full use. I never sell unique items like stat tomes, XP pots, mana pots etc. even though I won't use those myself. If they're not bound then others can use them for better use. One of the benefits of being in a guild is that we can help out each other in many ways.
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