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February 15th, 2012, 21:39
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
"I don't see what the fuss is about camera angles, play it for like 2 minutes and you'll adjust. -Carn"
Thanks Carn!

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
I enjoyed the demo a lot, but the thing that I felt was most unpolished was the character advancement, particularly the skill tree. I'd love to know if you have anything planned for it…
Thanks for the feedback and the detailed ideas, Skittles! We are planning to do some refinement to the skill tree, so your comments arrived at a pretty good time. We haven't decided yet exactly how we'll change the current skill tree (we want to give it a little thought first), so it's actually quite useful to hear our players' impressions and ideas on it.

Basically, I'm pretty sure we're not gonna go down the road of adding a hundred new skills (or even 47, for that matter ), but some additions are already planned. We also want to keep the skill tree quite simple, and easily approachable, so that you don't necessarily have to be an amazingly accomplished RPG veteran to be able to play the game. I've got nothing against RPG veterans, obviously, but everyone's got to start somewhere to become one, right?

Onto some questions:
1) You already gave a lot of good food for thought, Skittles, but how about anyone else? Do you have ideas about refining the skill tree currently used in Driftmoon (alpha 8 to 8.3)?

2) Might any of you happen to have any great ideas for improving the poison resistance skill, so that it's better balanced with the others? I have to point out, though, that some other areas after the demo will actually give you more use for the skill.

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
"It feels like the prerequisite skills aren't entirely logical"
I agree. It should please you to hear were already working on that.

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
…"force you to take a pretty generalist, jack of all trades approach…"
After our current plans to refine the skill tree, this should become a much smaller issue. But keep in mind, as the game progresses, you'll get to meet more enemy types, and you'll benefit from a wide range of skills to efficiently cope with them, and their different tactiques. Also, the vanilla Driftmoon is not meant to be a heavily combat oriented game - but there'll most probably be some mods that put more emphasis on combat (or at least add more battles into the game).

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
"…could you make it so that we can hoard skill points?"
That might be a pretty good idea we hadn't thought of so far. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Skittles View Post
Looking forward to the game's eventual full release!
Thanks! Me too, would you believe it. Although, in reality, it'll probably also be a bit difficult to let go of our third child (yes, I'm still talking about Driftmoon) when it's done.

Originally Posted by Elisstar View Post
…The relatively light atmosphere is refreshing compared to most CRPGs these days…
Nice to hear that, Elisstar! That's one of the things we're aiming for.

Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
I'm waiting for 30-50 hours of content before I look at it. I like to invest in my crpgs and I always feel cheated with short games. However, the camera angle doesn't bother me at all
I'm almost a hundred percent sure, that if you play our mods, you'll eventually get that 30 to 50 hours of yours, possibly even much more. They are very easily playable through the game, only a click away!
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