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February 15th, 2012, 21:56
I don't mind getting Rhogu flagged because he needs the XP as well. Then we can do the Shroud.

We have one possibility do actually do 2 Shroud runs and that is for Aerii to leave at the end of part 5 in the first run so Aerii can join the second run and finish then. This way we can get 2 Shroud runs.
Cm can use Kerriabaka (fighter) and Kerriatao (monk)
I can use Peterp (favored soul) and peters (paladin)
Dteowner can use Rhogu (rogue) and wouldii (ranger) or Botdu (cleric)
Jm can use Sherrille (bard) and Mariannelle (rogue)

Should we do that or focus on just 1 Shroud run?
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