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Default Top mods you yearn for every time you play…

February 16th, 2012, 04:14
For me, they tend to fall into the interface category…

1. Better skill/perk screen,
  • Why must I deal with this unwieldy constellation screen every time I want to check my skill levels or peruse available perks…?! And why must it zoom in on itself so damn much that i can hardly see anything beyond one or two perks when it does so?

2. Better inventory management
  • Remember the days of a simple paper doll enabling you to see what your character had equipped? Bethesda apparently thought it too convenient a design; they'd much rather enumerate a giant list of items in alphabetical order. Hopefully you already know ahead of time what you can and cannot wear… and have a penchant for keeping mental track of equipment. And why is there no filter for quest or 'new' items?

3. Overhaul of spell/favorites interface
  • Why do I need to go through 5 irritating consolized menus to simply hotkey a spell?

So very frustrating. And I have to wonder if such overhauls are even possible with mods or if this junk is hardcoded into the game beyond reach.
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