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February 16th, 2012, 17:09
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
because you'll be too busy to fix it afterward. Stay in the middle and let the critters come to you. Set your healer to protect the guy—that will keep him healed up and you'll still get heal spells on you from time to time.
Thanks. This is something I already figured out. Thanks that you prove me to gop into the right direction, so to say.

I once did it, died miserably, and tried it a second time - succeeded. But only on easy, as I wrote above.

I also summonned what I could summon (still have the Splinterskjull staff from the Tangleroot Gorge ) and my cleric hireling summonned her "monster" : A fiendish super-spider, so to say.

Even if they don't contribute much to the fight, the positive side of the summons is that they can distract attackers - and maybe kill one or two.

Plus, I let the Elder One be healed by my cleric hireling several times. I mean between the waves.

Another, different question : Last night within the PUG I saw someone erect a tiny "tower" which seemingly was able to spit out arrows … What have I seen ? Is this an Artificer's trick ? Device ?
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