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February 18th, 2012, 00:15
AnandTech is a well known Intel friendly website.

But anyway, the BD is indeed not fast enough to compete with Intels top CPUs. And it isn't priced to compete with them.

Who needs CPU power nowadays? Most games don't. So far I could play every game without problems on my 100$ Phenom 2 X4. Most @max on a 22" TFT and with AA activated, while my CPU had a load of 30% or less. This includes Crysis and Metro 2033, although I had to lower the resolution a bit because the graphics card turned out to be the bottle neck.

Personally I have a tendency to consider the price-performance ratio. If somebody is on a budget he can build a pretty damn fast gaming machine based on a cheap AMD CPU.
If 200 bucks don't matter I would probably choose an i5 in the flavour of the week. It is more expensive - the mainboard too - but it also offers more.
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