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February 18th, 2012, 16:47
Originally Posted by coaster View Post
I initially hated the shift to 3/3.5 rules in IWD2, NWN and TOEE after getting used to BG's 2E combat, but I quite like it now and fighters are definitely more interesting to play. Will be interesting to see if any 4E games get made - it feels almost like D&D has been abandoned by CRPGs at the moment.
There's Daggerdale! Well.. ehrm.. yeah, it definitely seems that way. That said, with a 5th edition already in the works, I'm honestly doubtful we'll see any major project at this point, unless some have started already and they're super-secret, since by the time they'd be release the 5th edition would probably be released too.

I think Neverwinter (Cryptic's title) is going to use the 4th edition ruleset though.
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