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February 19th, 2012, 10:27
Whew! All done.

To be honest, I'd pretty much had enough of the combat system by about half way through Flames of Vengeance and was very happy to see the conclusion of the game.

I felt the interactions and overall quests of the expansion were improved in coherency and connectedness from Ego Draconis. I also liked the writing, dungeon design and puzzles throughout the game as they all featured some nice old school touches and had that unique Larian quirkiness. (In particular the disco-dungeon room in the Crows Nest was an absolute hoot.)

I rather enjoyed the amusing rhyming dialogues of Bellager and regretted not really being able to fire back in turn with some rhyming couplets of my own.

I struggled with the Zeppelin escort section and felt this part didn't work quite so well considering the player had spent a good part of the expansion not using the dragon form. However, I eventually rushed it fast enough to make it to the final battle. I'm glad to have played both games through and to have finally played Divinity 2.

Couple more final references to sign off on: (I didn't find anymore Floyd ones!)

1. When you first mystically appear in Aleroth in a bolt of lightning in the cutscene, ominous percussion can be heard in the style of The Terminator's arrival music.
2. There's a Ghostbusters quote in the Inn. ("who you're gonna call?)
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