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Default Dragon Knight Saga Completion: Character Honour Thread

February 19th, 2012, 11:33
Greetings Watchers

Similar to the sister thread located here http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14252 for Divine Divinity, I thought after completing the Dragon Knight Saga that it would be a good bit of fun to record characters who have beaten the game for posterity. Thus, without further ado:

Level 45
xp: 3174538
HP: 920
Mana: 1085

Vitality: 73
Spirit: 100
Strength: 17
Dexterity: 32
Intelligence: 100

Main weapon: 58-92
Melee Resistance: 43.18 %
Ranged Resistance: 38.84 %
Magic Resistance: 54.68 %
Conditioned Body: 17 %
Heightened Reflexes: 35 %

Skills used:
Magic Missile (15)
Fireball (15)
Firewall (15) +2
Magic Blast: 11
Destruction: 8
Healing: 10
Evade: 5

Since more players arguably would have finished the DKS than DD, I expect to see more characters here!
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