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February 19th, 2012, 17:56
You seem to be confused. The very first book in 4th edition had front line warrior priests, and strength based rogues. It also tried to put in options for dexterity based warriors but they weren't all that well fleshed out until the second book (though arguably no worse then 3rd edition dex based warriors who were also pretty poorly fleshed out).

As for the concept of needing a front line fighter and a healer not existing before MMO's, I'm not sure what games you played but they were considered essential in every D&D game I ever played all the way back to 1e. I had definitely heard the term "trinity" used back in 2nd edition to describe the fighter/cleric/mage combo that every party needed.

Originally Posted by darkling View Post
Not really, no. The "trinity" came from MMO powergaming and simply put, didn't exist as a concept beforehand. You can pretend they did all you want, but the system wasn't built around them.

When 4E came along, they took the trinity (and the bonus role 'crowd controller') and built all the classes so they firmly fit into one of them. That limited the concept of gameplay for those character types. Gone is the Dexterity based warrior, gone is the front line warrior-priest, gone is the strength based thug rogue. Those character archetypes simply don't fit into the roles.
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