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February 20th, 2012, 13:40
would love to discover more artists like Pascal Comelade that makes crazy music with Toy instruments.
My favorite video about him:
Pascal Comelade-Gegene

Discovering lots of new music in this thread

Atm I listen a lot these following artists and bands

Alif Tree
Franco Battiato
Arno A newer song of him

And when I think of my ex-girlfriend I still love so much, I listen to my favorite song she made me discover of the great band Beirut (that she made me discover too with that same song) : La Llorona

then starts a ritual where next song is always Hurt from Johnny Cash thinking how I betrayed our dream of living toghether with an eternal love

Follows Is it Real from Cowboy Bebop OST, this is where I cry most of the time lost in thoughts about our crazy world

Then I take comfort with Basil Poledouris - Recovery.

And the ritual ends with Melissmell with this clip
"There is water at the bottom of the ocean"
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