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February 20th, 2012, 22:44
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Talking about Santiano (name of the band, and the other song on the same page):

The Killigans playing Santi Anno at Duffy's Tavern. I like this version even better. Same song, same band, and still like a punk song should be.

A gazillion other versions, many of them good, can be found on YouTube.

Be warned, the melody is an addictive masterpiece. You'll never get it out of your head again.

So why would anyone write a song about the Mexican general who won the Battle at the Alamo (Santa Anna) in the shanty genre? The lyrics here are no longer connected, but the original was.
This thread is amazing will take me long and cool time to dig it all and discover many great artists, I knew the song, but not as great interpretations of it

At HiddenX : thanks for remembering me that QOTSA existed really great band

Now for my post

Discovering Krater then interacting with the great earthlings behind Fatshark made me want to discover a lot more about sweden culture and inhabitants, etc

Before I knew and loved only The Cardigans and was not even knowing they were swedish one of my favorite song is My Favourite Game

I listen and buy music from so many artists and bands that makes that perhaps I know more swedish ones, but here are the ones I discovered in my exploration and that I am digging to know more of them
Started first by typing swedish music in youtube ben seeing the results and stuff like this convinced me that that was not the way to proceed

But by listening to swedish onlines radios and last.fm radio stations I discovered lots of great artists and bands

Slagsmålsklubben - Svenska Tennis
Air France - No Way Down
Zeigeist – Humanitarianism

Not a swedish artist but I know her(not personally of course) from quite a long time and she comes from next to sweden: Norway
Mari Boine - Goaskinviellja / Eagle Brother (Oslo Opera House, 2009)
And I would love to discover more artists and bands having the same style

So many more swedish bands to share
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