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February 20th, 2012, 21:58
Been playing a lot of Demon's Souls - I just defeated the Fool's Idol boss in the Tower of Latria and the area beyond that is very interesting. The dark atmosphere of this game continues to blow me away. I've really enjoyed some of the creatures in this world such as the eerie bell-ringing mindflayers and the gargoyles.

I also just last night started in on Mass Effect 1, which I'd never got around to playing before. I bought it cheap on a steam sale a while back and wanted to see what all the fuss for this series was about. So far I'm enjoying it well enough. I was expecting a shooter / RPG hybrid and that is pretty much what it delivers. Great sci-fi visuals and interesting aliens. I also have ME 2 on steam so I can move onto that when I'm done. I want to play through the old ones before I even think about playing Mass Effect 3.
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