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February 20th, 2012, 22:00
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
You can pretend all you want that this concept was codified before MMO's. It doesn't mean it was.
It was not as clearly defined before MMOs, but it was still there. Pre-MMOs you still had your heavily armoured warrior who would stand in the front and take damage, your cleric-type character who were responsible for keeping the party alive and your mages & rogues who were responsible for dealing damage. The roles did allow for a bit more than just their narrow focus, clerics could (and should) still deal damage, warriors did also deal damage, and mages & rogues had a fare amount of "utility". This is still very much the case in D&D 4, by the way, the roles are not as narrow as they are/were in MMOs, you are still expected to do more than just heal as a cleric, or tank as a warrior.
The first time I played AD&D (1998) we did design our party based on the trinity. We had our warrior, our cleric and our mage (and a rogue), and we expected them to work like tank, healer, damage dealer. We did not call them that, but that how they were meant to work.
Also, you don't have to bring the trinity when playing D&D 4, it is just recommended. In the last campaign that I participated in my party consisted of 3 strikers and a controller, and we did just fine (when the encounters were designed for parties of our level).
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