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February 21st, 2012, 10:31
I finally started getting out of my, unusually prolonged, adventure gaming phase and I decided to finally give the Thief games a fair try. I remembered playing something back then, which turned out to be the demo of the first game that consisted of the fourth mission, and I know I have one of the games around somewhere, the second one I think. Yet I really don't remember why I didn't get into itů though it probably was the first person perspective and the fact that indulging my perfectionism by exploring every nook and cranny in each level seemed like way too much trouble.

So I got Thief Gold and I'm enjoying it well enough. I have to admit though that I'm really no fan of the zombies. I played through one level where there was a fuckload of them and I found it was more efficient just running around instead of trying to sneak - they are not living 'civilized' humans, so who cares if they will notice me or not, it's not like they can call the guards or that anyone will miss them if I kill them. I hope there won't be used too often in the rest of the game because that might make me give it up.
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