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February 21st, 2012, 19:03
I've often criticized things that Vogel has written on his blogs, but I have to agree with this 100%:

If a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons doesn't have an option which enables it to be easily played by a moderately inebriated person who isn't good at math, it is a failure.
One of my complaints when they went to 3e (and on) was that there were simply too many choices. Not that 2e was simple, but playing NWN2, I was overwhelmed by the various ways that you could customize your character. It seems like AD&D was trying to be all things to all people.

I compare that to playing BG, which was my first experience with AD&D at all (I never played the table top nor the gold box games). While I did need to read the manual, I was able to grasp it fairly quickly and get going with the game. With NWN2, I was constantly searching online trying to figure out how I should level my character (and if it even mattered between different choices) until I finally just gave up caring.

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