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February 21st, 2012, 20:41
Everyone knows Sky UI, so no need to repeat how awesome it is

I'm not using many mods (yet), but these few have proven themselves worthy.

Smithing Perks Overhaul
Complete Crafting Overhaul
Weapons and Armor Fixes.

Those three mods work extremly well together (they are all from same author). While vanilla smithing works fine and it ain't broken, there are still many oversights and missing things. These mods are lore friendly and balanced. They don't add new items, armors or weapons. Every weapon or armor is already in the game. Like crafting different types of arrows.

An other great feature is how faction or quest related armors / weapons are crafted. For example when you join imperial legion, the recipes for imperial armors / weaponry appear in the forge menu (provided you have learned the basic smithing perk). If you join the stormcloacks, you'll get the option to craft stormcloack gear instead. Same applies for other factions.

Also many items that couldn't previously be improved on the forge or whetstone can now be improved if you have the required smithing skill and crafting material.

Furthermore I really like that all the armor recipes are more logical and a bit more costy material wise. Fear not you can still level up smithing just as fast, but it just requires more materials which brings more much needed balance.

I'm also using these clever mods:

1. Helmless warrior. Remember the armor perk bonus you'll get if you have 4 pieces of armor equiped? Well no longer you need to wear helmet to get that bonus. Trade off of wearing no helmet (or using a hood) is ofcourse that you leave your head unprotected (lesser armor rating), but you'll get the +25% armor bonus from the remaining 3 pieces (feet, hands, torso)

2. House map markers. Adds map markers to player houses.

3. I'm also using a mod that adds an enchanting table to the house in Whiterun.

4. RNG (Dynamic) Guards. Makes the guards look more unique and different from eachother. Guards for example may use closed or open helmets or no helmet at all. Warmer the climate, more chance to see guards without helmets for example. Their armors also vary hold wise.
"A mod that makes guards much more dynamic, shattering their monotony and freeing them of their clone-like upbringing.

This provides hold guards with all new custom-skinned, hold-specific outfits, along with randomized helm variants. No more full-helmed identical guards at every hold, and no more short sleeves in the blizzards of Winterhold.

This mod is an improved standalone version of RNG (Dynamic) Guard Helmets, going beyond just helmets and into the entirety of the Guard NPCs. It is thus incompatabile with RNG Helmets as it already includes it. If you have already installed/subscribed to RNG (Dynamic) Guard Helmets, please uninstall/unsubscribe before adding this one.

As of v2.0, I have begun work on making all guards look and behave more appropriately to their region. This includes new custom, yet balanced weapons and armor, behavioural changes, and other various tweaks to improve the immersion. You can view the changelog below for more detailed information.

Changes can take up to one in-game week to take full effect. Alternatively, you can use the console command "resurrect" to manually force a reroll on the selected guard. "
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