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February 21st, 2012, 23:23
The concept of a "trinity" has been around since 1st edition DnD. It wasn't called that back then, but it was well known and accepted good party composition. Except, of course, you also needed a thief for chests and traps…

WoW may have condensed it down to less and codified it as "trinity", but simplification is not invention…

I must be one of those types that like a complicated ruleset. I must have spent hours poring over the manual and thinking and spreadsheeting the build for my NWN 2 Arcane Trickster. Loved every minute.

But what works for a singleplayer CRPG is NOT what works best in a PnP session with a few friends and alcohol. Should be apparent to someone as smart as Vogel.
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