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February 24th, 2012, 11:57
Kindle Fire, apparently, isn't available in EU. At least, I couldn't order it.

My problem with the iPad is: Apple, the price and the "locked" nature of the platform.

Beyond that, I think it's the best product for this purpose - but I'm not going to support it.

I have zero interest in whether it looks like an iPad or behaves like an iPad. iPad looks great and works great within the boundaries of the locked platform - but it's the actual functionality behind the aesthetic I'm mostly interested in.

I find Apple UIs very accessible and very good for "non-IT" people. But it's not terribly efficient for advanced usage.


Oh, and my usage?

It would be reading, surfing, and possibly some gaming. I'd also like as open a platform as possible - so I could potentially run non-official software and stuff without hassle.




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