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February 24th, 2012, 14:08
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
Apparently there are more than 400,000 apps on the android market and even more on the app store for anything you might want. That's quite a few options, enough of them are interesting to keep you busy for a long while. Unless you want unofficial stuff just because they are unofficial.
Are you trying to tell me there's nothing unofficial and there will be nothing unofficial that I could possibly interested in - on any platform available?

I don't know… to stick it to the Man?
It seems to me you just want a tablet that will do whatever it is a tablet doesn't do. Any tablet can handle reading, surfing and some gaming. For anarchic openness you could perhaps get a laptop with Linux?
Ehm, why do you care?

I'm looking for advice about alternatives, not your personal opinion about what you think I'm doing by not supporting Apple.

I obviously want the latest technology, not just "any tablet". I want access to the latest applications and I want longest battery life - and I want the best screen etc. etc. Even more obviously, I want the practical implications of the tablet hardware.

If you can't understand how I don't want to support Apple, then that's perfectly alright. But let's not waste time trying to agree.




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