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February 24th, 2012, 14:42
Are we ready for the Shroud this evening? My favored soul is off the time so I will bring him. He built the T3 immunity item and has 3 GS items in addition to a wisdom weapon for casting. All he still needs would be a healing amp longsword to use when working as a healer and not as a damage dealer.

I will move the T1+T2 mats over to him so we can craft for Wouldii and others in case you pull the shards you need.

What will we do after the Shroud? Shall we use the high levels to get Rhogu flagged for the Shroud and get XP for Rhogu and Sherrille / Mariannelle? The my Fvs can get the signet stone for the longsword blank for the healing amp item. Some people recommend making the longword concordant opposition, but I wonder if getting exceptional cha is maybe better? As Azraelck I don't like to rely upon 1-3% luck to proc an ability. +2 cha will give extra max mana without needing luck.

I don't mind helping out to get all high levels up to level 20. I will use my favored soul so we have a LITTLE bit of healing if the battle is VERY difficult.
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