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February 24th, 2012, 19:24
Originally Posted by anne.monkkonen View Post
I take it you enjoyed the story, then? Good. If you want to focus on just the story (and not worry about the battles, etc.), I suggest you play Driftmoon on the easiest difficulty setting, "adventurer". That should get you pretty close to playing an adventure game (with RPG-elements), and doing it with ease!
Skipping the fight scenes would make the game so much shorter, but to me, that's the biggest perk. If you're a woman, especially a mother, with dinner to prepare, kids' homework to help with, and a lot of other demands on your time, you don't need a game to be 100 hours long to hold your interest especially if those 100 hours are primarily doing things you don't enjoy. A fast forward button would give all players not just women the same options that we have with books or DVDs to skim past the parts we don't like and savor the ones we do.
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