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February 25th, 2012, 18:36
Just broke this out again this morning for another hour, and what's been a really enjoyable rpg continues to be a great game with the latest batch of enhancements. I paid for the full version a bit ago now and I couldn't be more pleased with what I've gotten for my money.

With regards to the skill tree -- I think Poison Resistance is a bit weak, even if it is useful. Passive resistance type stuff always feels boring to me, because there's no button to push and no real way to compare your prior weakness to your current slightly-less-weakness, so any feel of progression is missing. Active resistance bubble-type stuff (temporary immunity to effect) or cleanse effects (whether instacast or over time) seem more interesting -- they can always be balanced by long cooldowns or big mana costs.

Just thinking out loud, and really just a minor consideration for a game I'm really enjoying. Keep up the good work!
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