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February 25th, 2012, 20:54
I feel sorry for anyone who expected a "true" beta. Real, true beta testing should be, no, MUST be done by professional testers. This type of public beta that they are doing with Risen 2 is at the most good for "load" testing, i.e. you throw the game at a wide variety of system configurations and see how it works out.
But any real bug squashing etc. should definitely be done by professional QA.
I never expected this "beta" to be more than an early access demo and that's pretty much what it turned out to be. All I ever wanted from that CE code was to be able to play the next PB game before its release and they fulfilled that promise. I certainly didn't want to help them with serious QA unless they'd pay me for it .

What is a little lame, however, is that Deep Silver did not provide any kind of tool for bug submission nor a (closed) beta forum. It is pretty frustrating that you can not share any findings at all until the "beta" is over. They are going to send out beta feedback forms after March 2 when the beta has officially concluded but that's it and it's not much to say the least…

What they provided here as the "beta" definitely does qualify as a demo. A pretty extensive demo even. If you explore everywhere then you get to squeeze approximately five or six hours out of the two areas that are included in this demo (the starting city of Caldera and parts of the first island, Takarigua).

As for bugs: Quite a lot of people on the WoR forums have reported issues with launching the beta. The issue seems to be that the R2 Beta does not automatically update DirectX, PhysX and the Microsoft Visual C++ redist stuff. Most people were able to start the beta after manually updating/installing these drivers/APIs.
Other than that it is a misrepresentation of the truth if anyone is claiming that the beta is seriously buggy. There are bugs, of course, but that is to be expected from a non-final version, right? I haven't experienced anything serious in the bug department in the six hours I played. Mostly just minor glitches.

Regarding the game's performance (Deep Silver tolerates posts talking about the game's performance on the WoR forums so this is not conflicting with the silly NDA): My system is an Intel [email protected], 8GB RAM and a Gainward GTX 570 running at 800/2000MHz). The game is installed on a Crucial 256GB SSD.
The performance needs to be viewed in two categories. Category one would be outside of the jungle and category two inside the jungle.
With all settings maxed out at a resolution of 1920*1200 and VSync enabled I'm getting approximately 50-60fps outside of the jungle and 25 - 40fps inside of the jungle. The shadows are the real performance killer. Reducing shadows from ultra to max will yield an immediate +10fps gain.
The game looks really nice when maxed out so I'm not sure what that Codexer is smoking when claiming that it doesn't look better than Risen 1.
However, when compared to a DirectX 11 graphical feast like Battlefield 3, well, Risen 2 can't compete on that level and you can't help but think that the performance should probably be a little better for how the game looks. Let's hope there will be a little more room for optimizations.

As far as the rest of the criticism of the Codexer is concerned, the guy is way too negative, of course. Some of the criticism is justified but you need to apply a Codexian hyperbole filter to refine the truth.

Hmm… Moriender seemed pleased enough with it, and I certainly trust him more than the average Codexer.
Thanks . Please do note, however, that I expressed my sentiments in this way: First = … Then = … and towards the end of the "beta" .
Trying hard not to break the (IMHO silly) NDA so sparse on details but: Some initial disappointment is almost unavoidable. For example for the first time in a PB game we start in a very tiny area (a small, confined part of Caldera) instead of having pretty much the entire game world lying at our feet. The beginning is nearly 100% linear.
Secondly, the beginning of the story is cringe-worthy and full of logical fails.
But then… once Caldera was left behind and once the game opened up a little on Takarigua, the game grew on me and the good old, unique PB style began to shine through. Also, the new character development system looks very promising and at the end of the beta I was definitely longing for more.
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