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February 25th, 2012, 21:31
Originally Posted by porcozaur View Post
The big minus is the combat, which is extremely bad, something like it was in g3;
Yes, it's definitely just a clickfest this early into the game and with the free cam and lack of a real target lock it's pretty wild and random overall. But if you look at the skills/talents there is lots and lots of abilities yet to be learned so there's hope that the combat will get much more interesting later on.

… other than that, the inventory has been modified and its more consolish/retarded like the amalur one.
Yep. That could have been done better. Just a long list (OK, with filters) is kind of stupid in a game with unlimited inventory. There's bound to be endless scrolling towards the later parts of the game when you have 1000s of items in that list.

Also the music isnt too impressive, not to mention it isnt very gothiclike.
Maybe that's because it's Risen and not Gothic . Seriously though I thought that the music was OK. I don't require "impressive" music, however. Quite the contrary. I prefer background music. Literally. Music that is not intrusive and doesn't get on my nerves. The Risen 2 music got that job done. Which is good enough for me. I'm not much of an audiophile game music lover.

And finally the so-much-apraised-by-PB anumations are much improved from risen but still mediocre at best.
True as well.

Other things i didnt liked: the camera has an immense lag which is very annoying;
Yes, quite noticeable at first. Then I got used to it. There is definitely a sensation of input lag and fairly unresponsive controls at times.

… also no dodge…
Well, PB games never had a real dodge move so that was to be expected. The only defense is blocking as usual.

… and no swim…
Yes… *sigh* that would have been really nice to have…

… finishing moves with slowmotion like in fallout…
… you forgot "that can be turned off via the options menu"
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