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February 25th, 2012, 23:29
Hmm, the music is important if your going on a very long journey (in an open world rpg) as it reflect the mood of the surroundings and adds another dimension to the story and 'feel' of the characters and places. The music in Gothic 3 and Divinity 2 was a joy to listen to throughout your adventures and in going through different landscapes. So it is a bit dissapointing to hear that Risen 2 music is 'OK', but probably this goes along with the fast travel feature.

We will have to wait and see about the combat; the combat in Gothic 3 starts as a click fest but it improves alot as you gain better skills (e.g. large weapon and dual wield skills).

Is it true what was said about not being able to kill NPCs? I would be surprised if this is the case since Risen 2 prides itself with 'choices and consequences' as in PB previous outputs.
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