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February 26th, 2012, 00:37
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
Is it true what was said about not being able to kill NPCs? I would be surprised if this is the case since Risen 2 prides itself with 'choices and consequences' as in PB previous outputs.
Well, which RPG doesn't pride itself with choices and consequences?
Also, if you know past PB games then you will know what to expect here. There are often multiple ways to solve a quest but other than that it's always been "choices and consequences light" in PB's previous games so I wouldn't expect a drastic change in that department in Risen 2.

To answer the question, it is true that NPCs can not be killed in this beta at least. You can knock NPCs down and when they get back up they are instantly back at 100% health. Then when you knock them down a second time it takes a lot longer until they get back up and they begin to carry a "pissed off" tag above their head. They also announced a while back that some important quest NPCs can not be killed (or maybe knocked down and thus "pissed off") at all.
Maybe they wanted to avoid that you can clear the world of nearly all living beings this time around as you could do in their previous games. Or maybe it's just like that in the starter areas and you will be able to slaughter NPCs later on in the game. We'll have to wait and see about that…
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