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February 26th, 2012, 07:51
Can't say I particularly like what I am hearing. And we have not even touched QTEs and some really absurd looking and immersion breaking minigames I've seen in some videos…

Also very disappointed to hear about the music. It was a huge part of the games atmosphere for all their past output (and atmosphere in turn was a huge part of why
I love their games). I was hoping the talented Seelbach would emulate the style in
Risen 1 and add a piraty twist to it…

I'll still probably preorder the game (when amazon.uk makes it available). The literally hundred of hours of enjoyment I got (and will get in the future) out of PBs games, buys them that much at least. But this is sounding like it is shaping to be my least favorite PB game so far and I am starting to wonder if sending a message to them (i.e by buying the game in a Steam summer sale instead) is in order …
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