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February 26th, 2012, 14:03
You're welcome. I'm currently testing it myself and so far I like it.

Mods that I'm favoring at the moment :
- Better Horses
- Ask Followers skills (a must have, imho)
- Weapons and Armor Fixes
- Quality World Maps (with roads, and removing the annoying clouds)
- Shadow stripping Fix, and HD textures Fix (no more "pink" burning woods)
- Glowing Ore Veins
- Not a mod in itself, but a tool to modify (or create) Skyrim NPCs : Skyrim NPC Editor

What I'm yearning for :
- re-balanced Enchantment skill/Perks, and for smithing too (although that's less urgently needed I'd say)
- ENB profile that give the nice color correction from ENB but without the overdone contrast that is just making ambiant shadows too dark and grass lands so reddish. So far, without success…

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