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February 26th, 2012, 23:16
As much as it shames me to admit, I've installed Morrowind not once but twice - and have yet to make it more than 30 minutes into the game. I'm thinking about going full steam ahead with it after I tire of Skyrim (which will happen soon I think), but one thing concerns me: character experience and pacing.

In Skyrim, I was level 25 with barely any effort, hardly getting the chance to visit any towns beyond Whiterun before everything got crazy with scaling. Now, at level 53, the game is finally where it should have been all along with its pacing… but encounters are too easy and there's still 80% of the game left to go (in my estimation).

In contrast, how is Morrowind's leveling curve, is it also ridiculously easy in the start, only leveling off after your character is already stupidly powerful?
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