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February 27th, 2012, 02:15
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Do you have any particular ARPG combat scheme that you prefer instead or think is better?
I'm not a big fan of MMOs in general but I did buy Star Wars The Old Republic when it came out and played it quite a bit in December/January. Now combat in an MMO like SWTOR is almost too technical for me when you end up using a couple dozen of quick slots for your offensive and defensive abilities plus buffs and debuffs which are either on individual or global cooldowns. It's over the top really.
However, the combat is generally quite interesting and complex because you need to figure out which combo of the couple dozens of buttons (= abilities) that you have at your disposal works best.
I wish more single player 3rd person ARPGs would borrow a page (yes, just a page, not the whole thing ) from that book.

The combat in PB games could be infinitely more interesting with a few tweaks and additions:

- You can block NPCs (not monsters) for all eternity in Risen. Why? It would be much more interesting and challenging if blocking would be depending on e.g. an endurance bar/pool that would drain every time you (or your block actually) got hit by the enemy.
- It would have been cool if enemies in PB games would have had more special moves like stun (not stun-locking… that is/was unfair ), knockdown, root, snare, paralyze etc. - Coupled with good AI that would e.g. root or snare you if you tried to use the popular kiting tactics it would make for a much more challenging experience than just getting hit hard.
- Why are you most of the time only attacked by one enemy while the other watches and waits in line? Group combat could need tons of improvement in recent PB offerings.
- What's with the total exploitability? For example, check YouTube for vids of people defeating the Black Troll in Gothic 2 NotR as a level zero newbie character. That's just wrong. Something like that should just not be possible. Period.

You know, I think as far as combat against humanoid NPCs was concerned, they were on the right track with Risen. Defense on the right mouse button and offense on the left was a simple but effective mechanic. It could have used a lot more tweaking though. It was decent but far from stellar. - Combat against monsters was almost as retarded as in Gothic 3 in my opinion. There was still stun-locking (wolves and boars that killed you super fast with a series of unblockable hits) and the AI was very poor like when you evaded by side-stepping and the beasts kept facing the wrong way for a couple more seconds. It was severely lacking a more dynamic feel. Sometimes it felt to me like when combat initiated that the world around you froze and combat was happening inside of a bubble within the gaming environment. It's difficult to describe… it always felt detached to me in a way.

Before this starts sounding like an epic rant: I'm generally quite "satisfied" with the combat system in PB's games -think a C grade- but I really wish that they would make use of the vast room for improvements. It could be so much more fun with more diversity, better hit detection and better AI. Well, maybe in Risen 3…
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