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February 27th, 2012, 02:51
I think the game is pretty viable however you decide to go after it. I tend to take an RPG focus myself.

I did go with a stealth character but more a Barbarian Ranger/Scout with dual wield. So I skipped the Thief quest line entirely as I also play a chaotic-good type of character. He is also a Nord as I also enjoy mixing up the two-handed with the dual wielding daggers.

I just reached level 40 today and got 201 hours of play. I still have half the major cities/holds still to do and only about half-way through the main story lines. I also have not done the mage quest line although I may do it since my character has some natural/guardian magic he uses (restoration mainly with a little alteration and a tiny bit of illusion for courage and clairvoyance)

Right now my main skills are stealth (100), one-handed (76), two-handed (78), restoration (68) and light armor (78). I use stealth for certain missions (ones that seem more spy or scout like) and two-handed barbarian style for outdoors and more direct melee conflict. Restoration helps keep me and my partner, Erik the Slayer, healed and I have a couple of minor buffs, wards to help out along with some undead specific items and abilities - since I hunt them wherever I find them.

Overall awesome game with lots of RPG opportunity if you enjoy a sandbox style RPG setting.

As for difficulty - it can be easier as you get higher. I balance difficulty with my play style instead of the other way around. So I adjust the difficulty slider to give me some challenge without making me frustrated. I also am strict with my characters personality so I don't abuse mechanics or skills and many of my characters "limits" make the game a lot more difficult than it might otherwise be.
Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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