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February 28th, 2012, 02:21
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Hmm.. I didn't have that impression at all from the Beta. Melee combat seemed disappointingly simplistic, and I wasn't able to determine the direction of my attacks.
I'll second that. Fighting groups of enemies is pretty terrible in the beta. You attack one enemy and all of a sudden your character makes a 180C turn to fight the enemy behind you or another enemy to the side. It seems completely random. Or seemed… I've seen one preview say that the hero automatically switches to the nearest enemy but now that this other preview here mentioned moving the stick (on the Xbox 360 controller presumably) I'm beginning to have a suspicion that this might also be a sensitivity issue on the PC where even a small movement of the mouse might make you switch targets.
Whatever the cause may be, they need to fix it. It's stupid like it is. You are about to take out one enemy… he's down to 10% health… and all of a sudden your dude turns around to start attacking another guy who is still at 100% health while the 10% health guy starts throwing spears at you doing 100% damage, of course.

I'd say that the AI in general needs a few fairly generous finishing touches until April 24/27.
They obviously don't have the time (or the inclination) to improve the animations or any stuff that would involve a lot of work on a feature or asset creation level but a few hours of "just" solid AI coding would definitely seem like a worthwhile investment.

Edit: By the way if anyone is interested in a combat video with a group of enemies then check here on YouTube. Among other things mentioned before, you can nicely see here that at least humanoid enemies are waiting in line during combat.
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