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February 28th, 2012, 04:12
Originally Posted by badmofo View Post
The melee combat (against humans) was great in Risen, I thought, but there wasn't enough of it. Most of the time you were hacking away at giant birds, etc, which got old fast. .
This has always been my own personal number one complaint about PB's games - way too many fights against creatures and not nearly enough fights against human/humanoid opponents; the combat system in Risen just feels more engaging when fighting humans.

In general, I personally really don't like fighting creatures in RPGs and would much rather fight human or humanoid enemies the majority of the time, as I just find combat against creatures to be dull. It's just not very believable to have creatures like wolves, bears, boars, giant birds, etc. be so aggressive when their real life counterparts typically are not this way unless provoked, and it's far more immersive to be fighting a human/humanoid enemy that has a cause for fighting you in the first place. Even if there isn't necessarily a well-thought out reason for attacking the player, I just find combat against a human more engaging and believable. If there must be combat against creatures, I would much rather fight unique creatures that - to put it simply - are powerful, almost mythical bastards like the infamous shadow beasts.
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