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February 28th, 2012, 09:28
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
Might it be Fallout Online? After all the trouble they went through to secure the rights back from Interplay I'd be surprised if they weren't ramping that up.

Fading Suns looks like a cool setting though.
Zenimax has a separate studio for MMOs (http://www.zenimaxonline.com/) - I still don't know what they are working on (I don't think anyone does ?). But the art on that site has always looked suspicously Fallout-ish. Although it could just as well be the Rage universe or something else entirely.
But it has been said over and over and over, that Bethesda wants to keep focus on their trademark massive singleplayer games. And considering how successfull they are I don't see them revisit that decisions for the time being. Maybe we'll see a coop option in one of their future games, but not an MMO. I would naturally expect Fallout IV to be next - I could imagine they take up an additional IP at some point down the line to keep things fresh, but currently I would see little reason for that. A Fallout IV would be eagerly anticipated.
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