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February 28th, 2012, 17:39
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Were you trying to start the rumour by way of persuading them or is this supposed to be a genuine rumour?

If the latter, they own the two most valuable RPG properties that currently exist - why would they waste effort on someone else's IP?
It was just wishful lying… err thinking.

Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I'm not familiar with Fading Suns, it's sci-fi themed? Sounds like something they might want to pick up. Something sci-fi / fanatasy themed would feel quite refreshing from Bethesda, something with a little less bleak settings than those in FO.
Yeah its a very interesting setting. At first glance it seems to be a dark dystopian mix of fantasy and science fiction as one might see in elements of Dune or Warhammer 40k. Demons are real - or at least real enough - and prowl the darkness between the stars. Psychics exist and faith - heretical, orthodox, and alien alike - has a power of its own that is as undeniable as technology and often less feared. Amidst all this - in a world where the stars have visibly been dimming for more than a millenium - humanity is poised to enter a new renaissance. At the same time apocalyptic portents abound, internal conspiracies seek to thwart any change that would diminish the power they hold, and external threats have their own designs for the worlds in which the new human empire holds sway.

High technology such as terraforming and nanotechnology exists - though much of those secrets were lost in the apocalyptic fever that ran rampant when civilization collapsed at the same time the suns first began to fade. Faith in the Universal Church can have real and physically manifest effects - as can the worship of demons, nature, folkish superstition and even money. While the laws of science work wonders - it seems the immutability of those laws is not what it once was and reality is frighteningly malleable under the force of a strong-enough or significantly unified will. While the machinery of civilization reasserts itself despite the machinations of the same conspiracies which sought to tear it asunder all those years ago, the machinery of creation appears to be falling apart.

So it's a dark dystopian post-dark ages mix of science fiction and fantasy elements with politics, conspiracies, and belief playing large roles alongside technology. At the same time there is optimism and hope there is simultaneously the sinking feeling that strange forces indifferent to mankind's failings and triumphs are running down the last minutes on a much larger clock. The almost universal darkening of the suns makes the kinds of apocalyptic musings which have captivated people through much of our history seem far more serious and far less fanciful than they are today. As the play enters its final act and the stage appears set for the barest possibility of a happy ending, someone or something is turning out the lights.
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