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February 28th, 2012, 23:47
This was a great read - especially if you are not familiar with traits and attributes which I wasn't. I am already planning away in my head how I plan on building my Ranger:

Beastmastery: Compassion and Empathy. (all)
Nature Magic: Vitality and Concentration. (all)
Wilderness Survival: Toughness and Malice. (left overs)


Some snippets:

Let’s take a look at these new attributes and what they do. We’ve organized these attributes into offense, support, and profession-specific attributes.

Prowess: Improves the damage multiplier on critical strikes.
Malice: Improves the damage done by conditions like burning, poison, confusion, and bleeding.
Expertise: Improves the duration of all conditions inflicted by the character.


Concentration: Improves the duration of all boons applied by the character.
Compassion: Improves all outgoing heals that your character does, including self heals.

Profession-Specific Attributes

Each profession has a specific attribute that does something unique for each profession.

Brawn (warrior) — Improves the damage of warrior burst skills.
Willpower (guardian) — Decreases the recharge on all virtues.
Cunning (thief) — Decreases the recharge of the Steal ability.
Empathy (ranger) — Improves pet attributes.
Ingenuity (engineer) — Reduces the recharge on all tool-belt skills.
Guile (mesmer) — Reduces the recharge on all Shatter skills.
Intelligence (elementalist) — Reduces the recharge of the four elemental attunements.
Hunger (necromancer) — Increases the size of the necromancer’s life-force pool.

The trait lines for each of the professions, as well as the attributes tied to them, are as follows:


Strength: Power and Expertise.
Arms: Precision and Malice.
Defense: Toughness and Compassion.
Tactics: Vitality and Concentration.
Discipline: Prowess and Brawn.


Zeal: Power and Concentration.
Radiance: Precision and Expertise.
Valor: Toughness and Prowess.
Honor: Vitality and Compassion.
Virtues: Malice and Willpower.


Deadly Arts: Power and Expertise.
Critical Strikes: Precision and Prowess.
Shadow Arts: Toughness and Compassion.
Acrobatics: Vitality and Concentration.
Trickery: Malice and Cunning.


Marksmanship: Power and Expertise.
Skirmishing: Precision and Prowess.
Wilderness Survival: Toughness and Malice.
Nature Magic: Vitality and Concentration.
Beastmastery: Compassion and Empathy.


Explosives: Power and Expertise.
Firearms: Precision and Prowess.
Inventions: Toughness and Compassion.
Alchemy: Vitality and Concentration.
Tools: Ingenuity and Malice.


Domination: Power and Expertise.
Dueling: Precision and Prowess.
Chaos: Toughness and Concentration.
Inspiration: Vitality and Compassion.
Illusions: Malice and Guile.


Fire Magic: Power and Expertise.
Air Magic: Precision and Prowess.
Earth Magic: Toughness and Malice.
Water Magic: Vitality and Compassion.
Arcane Power: Concentration and Intelligence.


Spite: Power and Expertise.
Curses: Precision and Malice.
Death Magic: Toughness and Concentration.
Blood Magic: Vitality and Compassion.
Soul Reaping: Prowess and Hunger.
they also have minor and major traits.
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