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February 29th, 2012, 01:39
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Well at least it appears I'm not alone in this situation

It is absolutely baffling that Steam doesn't have a simple prompt saying, "There is a new update available for (insert game title). Would you like to update?" Then there should be an option to automatically revert back to any selected previous version if problems arise - especially for a game that involves community mods.

For me, it appears that I have solved a few of my new-found problems after the stealth-patch. Apparently, something involving the update shifted around my load order, and after some tweaking I now have everything (relatively) working once again - at least so far. Really wish Steam had a freaking option for whether you want to install an update or not…and I'm pretty sure that disabling auto-update doesn't always work, as I have read in numerous places while looking for a "remove patch" solution that Steam sometimes reverts back to the default option without a prompt.

By the way, still no luck in finding a method for disabling/removing patches and rolling back to a previous version, so to anyone currently playing Skyrim with mods, do not get the update just yet - I am beginning to fear that once you get an update, you are stuck.
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