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February 29th, 2012, 03:57
The Rampant Coyote explores what he calls "technical dungeons":
What Iím talking about is the technical, analytical approach to navigating a dungeon. Itís a point where the dungeons of a game become more than just a setting where the game and story happens, and more than just a path between combat and puzzles. Itís where the dungeon itself is becomes an obstacle, encounter, or character in the game in its own right, offering explicit or implicit clues to its own nature. Where navigation of the dungeon requires a constant weighing of risk and reward. They can be automapped, but the map may actually need to be studied by the player from time to time to determine how to get to where he wants to go, or to figure out its secrets. A technical dungeon is decidedly non-linear, and is not something that will usually be ďdefeatedĒ in a single session. While any old dungeon may contain combat, traps, puzzles, and secrets, in a technical dungeon these are not stand-alone elements.
More information.
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