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February 29th, 2012, 21:24
I think middle Wizardry and later Bard's Tale games took the idea too far to the extreme (going more from CRPGAddict's descriptions than my own experience). I need to go back and finish Arx Fatalis. Ultima Underworld definitely had that "technical dungeon" vibe to it, and Arx Fatalis seems cut more of the same cloth than some other imitators.

One interesting comment on the blog suggested that this kind of approach to "dungeoneering" can't really exist in games where you don't have an attrition of resources - mainly spells and hit points - when within the dungeon. I'm not positive I believe that, but I suspect a "technical dungeon" developed under that kind of modern rule system - where you are fully restored to maximum strength shortly after any encounter - would certainly have a different flavor.
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