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March 1st, 2012, 05:31
So, I finally decided to start this game. After a couple restarts (it's a disease), I'm working thru the quests of the first town (well, technically the outskirts of the first town). I've stumbled on a quest that's really irritating me because it seems pretty unsolvable. I'm playing on easy, BTW. I know, total mommy parts, but I'm usually a gaming monogamist and this is really my first dalliance with 2 serious games (plus DDO) at the same time, so I'm not pushing the issue just yet.

During the nighttime, while the barghests are attacking, you come upon the friendly tavern wench being accosted by a group of unsavory gents. After relieving the gents of their worldly burdens (and their worldly possessions), I'm asked to escort the fair damsel to the other side of the map. And there's to be a reward, nudge nudge wink wink say no more!

The dumb lass insists on attacking every barghest she can. Like, running away from me nearly to the edges of my sight. Swinging a rusty spoon. Against monsters that kill her in about 2 hits.

Now, I can't talk to the chit and tell her to stay close. There's half a million spawn points between me and her house, whether I go clockwise thru the shacks or counterclockwise by the lake. I tried just running thru, but she won't follow. I tried good old fashioned violence. I tried spamming the telekinesis sign to try to knock the doggies down long enough for me to work thru the mobs one by one. Next up was to try that coating recipe I got that's supposed to give me a faux-silver pointy stick, but even if that's a guaranteed one-hit-kill I don't know that I'll be able to keep the doxy alive.

Is there a trick, am I an idiot, or are the designers giving me a graphic tutorial that this will be a frustrating game for a complete-ist?
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