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March 1st, 2012, 08:37
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
I tried good old fashioned violence. I tried spamming the telekinesis sign to try to knock the doggies down long enough for me to work thru the mobs one by one. Next up was to try that coating recipe I got that's supposed to give me a faux-silver pointy stick, but even if that's a guaranteed one-hit-kill I don't know that I'll be able to keep the doxy alive.
You are on the right track, but you need to keep a few important details in mind:

1) You need to make sure that the Barghests target you when they spawn, in the same predetermined parts of the path to the house. To do that run ahead of the girl until you come to the spawn points so when combat starts she is yet somewhat behind. Note that those points are usually near the shrines and the spawn time is iirc presaged by a howl.

2) Aard is a given. Open combat with it and try to back up a bit first so the Barghests converge in a single point and you get all of them. Make sure you time your next use of Aard for when you really need it, i.e when the girl catches up and she is attacked. Try to keep em engaged to you, so if a dog attacks her double tap the forward direction key to do a flip over the enemy engaging you and attack hers (that should shift his focus to you).

3) Do not forget to use the Group style when at least two dogs are engaging you. It works best if you wade exactly in their midst and do this. This is very important. Switch to fast when facing a single one. (you have to pretty much use the styles as the devs want you). If you have invested a bit to it (i.e the knock the 3 enemies down skill) that should make this fight a breeze…

4) Practice makes better

What recipe would that be? Argentia? It needs to be used on the Silver sword…
(Edit: In case you mean Specter oil and are just confusing me with the faux silver bit,
yeah, Specter oil is a nobrainer!)
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