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March 1st, 2012, 11:26
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Sony Tablet S, once you've gotten more experience with it.

I considered getting it, but decided to wait a bit longer and see what the iPad3 shapes up to be (and what it's going to cost). I hear the battery life is quite shortish on the Sony Tablet and it has a tendency to empty the battery even if powered off quite fast. Have you noticed anything like this?
I wondered about the battery thing just tonight. It seems to suck quite a lot of juice on stand by.

It's hard to say something because I can't compare it to any other tablet.

So far everything is fine. It's noiseless, it doesn't turn hot either. The display is good. The usual DualCore CPU is fast enough. I like the shape of the device. It's not flat. The slight angle makes it easier to hold and easier to read when it's lieing on the table.

WLAN is unstable and slow, but that's probably my crappy connection here. I'm at the far end of our WLAN. Browsing can't be ideal under such circumstances.

The display is only 9.x", not 10", so maybe that's malus.

I plugged in a SDHC card. The cheap stuff on sale at the local supermarket. Worked at first try.
There's only a mini-USB connector. I would have prefered a full USB jack.

Reading pdfs is great. I bought it mainly for that. The man I bought it from also has an iPad 1. He says the Sony is a bit faster and a bit crisper when reading comics as pdf.

I don't need the remote control, but I've been told that it rocks. So if you have other Sony devices, that's a very nice gimmick.

An update for the newer, faster Android OS has not yet been made available. But that's okay because it's still WIP.

So I think I'm happy with the Sony Tablet S. Maybe other devices in the 400 EUR class are better, but I simply don't know it.


Waiting for the 4.5 Core tablets to get cheaper might be an idea. They're both faster and need less juice. The first devices are already available.
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