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March 2nd, 2012, 02:53
I intend to Grease you from now until you join us in a Shroud run. BWAHAHAHAHA!


I ran the new quests with Aerii. They're actually a bit challenging, even for a 20 doing normal. Death Knights are immune to practically everything, and you jump between fire immune to cold and electric immune frequently, needing multiple damage types. Thankfully, I have them.

The final boss of the chain, however, is devious. Very difficult. My hireling died quickly, and I burned through about 50 scrolls on normal.

I have a strategy for it, but solo makes it pretty well impossible to execute.

I also pulled two named items in the end chest, a staff that Jm's Acrobat will adore, and a light repeating crossbow that the artificers in the guild will adore.
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