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Default Best Survival / Needs / Immersion Mods?

March 3rd, 2012, 07:21
Which mods would you recommend for a survivalist type playthrough?

So far I have been enjoying the following a great deal:

Real Carriages - this one was created by one of Skyrim's Lead Designers, Kurt Kuhlmann, very nice of him to publish it for us.

Imp's More Complex Needs - really detailed, fantastic mod IMO. Imp incorporated estimated PC height and weight based on race, gender and body type choices during character creation in order to calculate things like blood alcohol content levels, optimal daily H20, protein, nutrient intake, etc.

Frostfall: Hypothermia, Camping, Survival

Economics of Skyrim

Better Alcohol and Skooma

SME Realistic Diseases

Shrewsbury's Skyrim Cookbook

I also liked Darker Skyrim and Lightless Abandoned Dungeons, however, I felt there should be at least some practical light sources in some of the dungeons, rather than everything being pitch black. It looks rather odd when you see practical lights, such as a lit brazier, that is glowing due to the FXshader but giving off no light whatsoever.

Any additional suggestions? I'm also looking for something that will make combat more challenging on Master - perhaps something like Duke Patrick's mods for Oblivion (I understand his Skyrim mods are in progress).
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