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March 3rd, 2012, 14:12
I had read about Fansy The Famous only a few days ago via the DDO forums.

There is an own page on this character : http://www.notacult.com/

My favourite part from there is this :

So the scary bad guys started to pray.
[Sat Jul 07 23:39:31 2001] Kailkhan shouts, 'o well then what you gonna do? petition his queere ass '
[Sat Jul 07 09:32:58 2001] Alix shouts, 'dude everyone petition him this is harrashment'
[Sat Jul 07 23:37:09 2001] Alix shouts, 'training is allowed, but dedicating a char just to training and nothing else isn't'
[Sat Jul 07 14:18:55 2001] Albertino says out of character, 'u can be sure there will petition now several guys … i dont think u will be much longer on this server'
[Sat Jul 07 14:17:29 2001] Abyss says out of character, 'if the whole zone petitions the GM's will get pissed'
[Sat Jul 07 06:01:41 2001] Skratchen says out of character, 'well i dont petition much but ive done it on him,,hes using an exploit to do this '
[Sat Jul 07 06:02:57 2001] Ziggruk says out of character, 'i smell exploit'
[Sat Jul 07 06:14:22 2001] Pudge says out of character, 'well , someone let a gm know bring it to there attention , could have over looked it'
[Sat Jul 07 06:27:03 2001] Feran says out of character, 'report him'
[Sat Jul 07 14:16:29 2001] Bawa says out of character, 'u want another petition'
[Sat Jul 07 14:17:02 2001] Albertino says out of character, 'ok now ye get banned'
[Sat Jul 07 14:24:16 2001] Vindolin says out of character, 'should i petition?'
[Sat Jul 07 14:24:21 2001] Albertino says out of character, 'ya'
[Sat Jul 07 14:24:49 2001] Ansalon says out of character, 'heis EXPLOITING the rule of no PvP under lvl 6'
[Sat Jul 07 14:25:01 2001] Albertino says out of character, 'this is an exploit'
[Sat Jul 07 14:27:43 2001] Zimzalabim says out of character, 'just petition and see what u get out of it…then we have result hehe'
[Sat Jul 07 23:36:22 2001] Alix shouts, 'the gm told me that if fansy starts training people again to petition him because he has been warned'
[Sun Jul 08 01:53:00 2001] Kordesh shouts, 'I don't care what I have to do. I don't care if I get banned in the process. I will e-mail, petition, and post untill that faggot is banned!'
[Sun Jul 08 01:56:19 2001] Malkov shouts, 'i say we petition the GM's to power pansy to lvl 6 so we can all root him!'
[Sun Jul 08 01:58:25 2001] Kirel shouts, 'this is what I am petitioning… " would you please make pansy L6 so that we can do something about his unfair advantage in PVP tactics?'
[Sun Jul 08 04:00:30 2001] Ravenbane says out of character, 'petitioned for harrasment'
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